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Web3 Gaming Summit 2023: A New Era For Gameplay by DeGame and ABGA

Web3 Gaming Summit

Hold tight! In just 3 days, Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 will take center stage!

As Web3 technology rapidly evolves, internet industries are undergoing unprecedented transformations, and gaming is leading the change, captivating users and evolving at neck breaking speed, making the rise of Web3 gaming a hot topic for all.

With Token2049 around the corner. Singapore is gearing up to be the melting pot for Web3 gaming aficionados and pioneers. Seizing this moment, DeGame and ABGA have joined forces for a two-day gaming spectacle – Web3 Gaming Summit 2023. This summit is the place to be for investors, devs, and gaming buffs to dissect the future of gaming in the Web3 realm. According to statistics, as of now, over 2,500 people have registered to participate in this event. This clearly shows that the summit is highly anticipated by both projects and individual users, in terms of its theme and the lineup of guests. Its influence during Token2049 is immense.

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Web3 Gaming Speakers

The summit aims to offer a platform for investors, developers, and enthusiasts in the Web3 gaming industry to discuss the sector’s developmental trajectory and its boundless future prospects.

The summit is set to officially commence on September 11th, 2023, at 9:30 (UTC+8) at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. On the first day, the conference will feature a hackathon finale, co-hosted by ABGA in collaboration with Klaytn, Iskra, and CESS. A total of 10 outstanding teams from the Web3 Gaming sector and related tracks will vie for the ultimate crown.

These include Legend of Arcadia, Seraph, Mhaya, Tearing Spaces, Arena of Faith, Lumiterra, TownStory, Mirror Planet, Sui Game, and Planet Hares. Concurrently, a series of speeches will take the stage, with prominent enterprises and projects from both Web2 and Web3 showcasing their initiatives and sharing insights in Web3 gaming.