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Token 2049 Prelude – Dubai Web3 Gaming Grand Party Ending on A High Note!

Token 2049 Dubai Web3 Gaming

On April 17, 2024, on the eve of the Token 2049 in Dubai, Dubai Web3 Gaming Grand Party, hosted by ABGA and Sonic/Mirror World, title sponsored by MixMarvel and Yeeha, co-hosted by BinaryX, silver sponsored by Aura, Bitcoin Cats, Supra, and ARPA, and supported by ICC and Gam3girl Ventures, held in grandeur at 3BK within the iconic Burj Khalifa Armani Hotel.

Focused on the theme of Web3 gaming, the event brought together experts and leaders from leading organizations within the Web3 industry as well as the gaming sector. Despite the extreme weather conditions in Dubai in recent days, the enthusiasm of the guests at the venue remained unabated.

Against the backdrop of Dubai’s dazzling night time skyline, guests and speakers explored the infinite innovative potential of Web3 gaming together during the interactive session, collectively shaping the journey into the future.

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During the event, the Dubai Grand Party featured senior experts from leading institutions in the industry, who delivered multiple captivating speeches, announced significant cooperation, and engaged in three profound industry panel discussions for the on-site guests. The topics covered included Web3 gaming technology, strategic developments in the gaming sector, and exploration of industry trends, among others.

Token 2049 Dubai Web3 Gaming Event

Dubai Web3 Gaming Speech Review

After a spectacular Fire Show opening performance, Kevin Shao, the Executive President of ABGA and Group Consultant of ICC, took the stage to deliver the opening speech. Kevin Shao outlined the mission of ABGA and provided insights into the future development prospects of both ABGA and ICC, inspiring the audience to embark on a journey of exploration into the future of Web3 gaming.

Following this, Chris Zhu, the Co-Founder and CEO of Sonic/Mirror World, introduced the active exploration of Sonic/Mirror World in the Web3 gaming field. The opening speeches of these two guests created a delightful atmosphere at the party venue, setting the stage for a splendid beginning to the entire event.

Kevin Shao & Chris Zhu
ABGA, Kevin Shao & Sonic/Mirror World, Chris Zhu

As the title sponsors of the Dubai Web3 Gaming Grand Party, the representatives from MixMarvel and Yeeha Games presented the Title Sponsor Sharing Session. Jade Zhang, Founder and CEO of MixMarvel; Nancy Liu, Founder of Yeeha Games and FD, Founder of Gam3Girl Ventures, took the stage to deliver an exciting toast.

They showcased the splendid achievements of MixMarvel and Yeeha in the Web3 gaming field and pledged to continue leading the industry’s development in the future. Seizing this opportunity, Jade and Nancy also introduced the debut of GGI (- Galaxy Girl Interactive) – created by MixMarvel and Yeeha Games.

Melody He, Co-Founder and Partner of Spartan Group, also shared the GGI brand narrative with the two women founders in this session. GGI is the next-generation Web3 gaming and AI co-creation platform.

In the future, GGI will utilize its unique industry competitive advantages to build a comprehensive ecosystem structure from Web3 Infra to distribution platforms, bringing a comprehensive upgrade to the original platform driven by AI and the Rangers Protocol.

MixMarvel Jade Zhang
MixMarvel Jade Zhang

Meanwhile, Yeeha Games also brought an exciting partnership announcement to the guests. They have become the title sponsor of Climax Racing and will conquer the 2024 Fanatec GT World Challenge Asia! Its first leg is in full swing in Malaysia!


During her speech, Kora, the Head of Communications at BinaryX, expressed her anticipation for the event and underscored BinaryX IGO’s commitment to driving the development of Web3 gaming.

In the future, BinaryX will continue to seek collaboration with more creative and high-caliber game developers and teams, collectively dedicated to advancing the field of Web3 gaming.

BinaryX Kora
BinaryX Kora

Then, Tom, Creative Director at Bitcoin Cats, elaborated on the development blueprint of Bitcoin Cats, emphasizing its role as a cross-chain entertainment ecosystem between Bitcoin and the EVM network, driving the evolution of the gaming ecosystem.

Joshua Tobkin, the Co-Founder and CEO of Supra, introduced Supra’s ongoing role as a cross-chain IntraLayer protocol, dedicated to facilitating the transition between Web2 and Web3.

Additionally, Praveen Kumar Jha, the CTO and Co-Founder of Aura, expressed in his speech that Aura will continue to act as a bridge between players and game studios, providing support and assistance to the global gaming community.

Tom, Joshua Tobkin, Praveen Kumar Jha

Dubai Web3 Gaming Panel Discussion Review

-Panel Discussion 1:

Topic: Catapulting Web3 Gaming: What does Web3 gaming really need to catapult to the next level?

Devon Mojito, Chief Business Officer at Sonic/Mirror World, moderated this panel. The panelists included Rudy S., Head of Growth at BinaryX; Joshua Tobkin, Co-Founder and CEO of Supra; Tom, Creative Director of Bitcoin Cats; and Praveen Kumar Jha, CTO and Co-Founder of Aura.

They delved into key topics in the Web3 gaming field, such as user acquisition and retention strategies, innovative blockchain applications in gaming, cross-chain functionalities, network performance issues, and future visions. This engaging discussion provided guests with profound insights and inspiration, while also setting the direction for the industry’s future development.


-Panel Discussion 2:

Topic: Exploring the Renaissance of Web3 Gaming: Crafting the Games the Industry Craves

This panel primarily explored the path of revival and renaissance in the Web3 gaming sector. Marko Okhman, CEO & Co-Founder of XTON Launchpad, moderated the discussion with Arron Goolsbey, Chief Operating Officer of Mythical Games; Michael Lee, SVP, Growth of zkSync; and Hazel Zhang, Head of Investments at aelf Ventures.

They jointly analyzed how the development of blockchain technology will lead the industry’s transformation and discussed in depth how to innovate gameplay and business models using blockchain technology. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and be applied, the Web3 gaming industry will undergo an unprecedented transformation, bringing players a more diverse and enriching gaming experience.


-Panel Discussion 3:

Topic: Shaping the Future of Web3 Gaming: A Deep Dive into Infrastructure Perspectives

Representatives from major infrastructure institutions participated in this panel to present the latest analysis of the future of Web3 gaming from an infrastructure perspective. Yoka, CEO of ABGA, moderated the discussion, with Shubham Bhandari, Ecosystem Head of Manta Network; Matthew Sorg, Head of Tech at Solana Foundation; and Tom Ngo, CEO of Metis L2, serving as infrastructure representatives.

They discussed the characteristics of their respective ecosystems, especially in the gaming field, and the specific measures taken to promote the development of the gaming ecosystem. Together, they looked ahead to the future of Web3 gaming and analyzed how infrastructure can further support the development of Web3 gaming and contribute to its future development process.

Token 2049 Dubai Web3 Gaming Event Panel

With that, the Dubai Web3 Gaming Grand Party concluded successfully. The industry’s pioneers provided all guests with a profound analysis of the future of Web3 gaming.

We thank these industry leaders for their dedicated contributions and insights, which turned the event into a sea of ​​knowledge exchange and innovative thinking, leading guests to embark on a journey of exploration into the unknown realms of Web3’s future development.

The momentum of Web3 gaming development is unstoppable, and the Dubai Web3 Gaming Grand Party aims to propel the industry into the fast lane, opening up broader development space for developers and players worldwide.

Let us look forward to the SG WGS hosted by ABGA during the Token2049 in Singapore this September. We look forward to reuniting with you in Singapore to explore the infinite blueprint of Web3 gaming together!


About ABGA

The Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) is a non-profit blockchain gaming alliance initiated by leading institutions in the gaming industry to gather industry information, screen outstanding teams and companies, broaden investment horizons and promote the development of the blockchain gaming industry. Help Asian power quality projects and teams based in Asia, go to the world!


About ICC

IMAGINE CREATION COMBINATOR (ICC) provides high quality industry conference, event planning and organization services to practitioners in the WEB3 gaming space. Our events bring together key industry leaders and innovators, providing an important platform to discuss industry trends, connect resources and showcase innovations.


About Sonic

Sonic is the first Gaming Chain on Solana and proposes the first expansion architecture HyperGrid, which can help game developers efficiently process and manage game states, logic and events. Sonic is 100% compatible All EVM smart contracts and native game engines provide game developers with comprehensive On-Chain game development components.


About Mixmarvel

MixMarvel is building the world’s leading blockchain content incubation platform and creators community. Pivoting on investment, incubation, and publication, MixMarvel connects Metaverse entrepreneurs, investors, and mass users through industry investment, gaming incubation, asset distribution, infrastructure development, and other diversified scenarios in a new ecosystem of dapps.

MixMarvel’s broad ecosystem comprises gaming IPs like DeHero and MetaCene, tech solutions like MixMarvel SDK and Rangers Protocol, investment organizations like MixMarvel DAO Venture, and other network resources for high-quality Web2 and Web3 native gaming projects.


About Yeeha Games

Established in 2021 with an impressive $50 million in funding, Yeeha Games stands as a pioneering platform at the forefront of interactive entertainment’s new era. Yeeha offers a diverse array of games catering to audiences of all kinds, while also fostering creativity and innovation through user-friendly tools.

Within the dynamic gaming ecosystem, users are encouraged to engage in captivating Yeeha Quests and gain comprehensive game insights. Boasting over 300 onboarded games and collaborations with 50+ projects worldwide, Yeeha has garnered a global user base exceeding 200,000 registered users.

Additionally, Yeeha has recently introduced its Web3 all-in-one AI Gaming Explorer strategy, which includes the debut of AI KOL DANA (Deep-learning Algorithmic Navigation Agent) to the public. Furthermore, ExplorerGPT and AI-powered spin-off games are set to be released soon, further enriching the Yeeha experience.


About Binary X

BinaryX is a leading Web3 gaming platform dedicated to creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences like Ai Hero and Pancake Mayor. Built on the BSC Chain, BinaryX leverages the latest technologies like blockchain and AI to provide players with unique opportunities to own in-game assets, participate in decision-making processes, and experience the true potential of Web3 gaming.