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The “Web3+2024 in Vietnam: The New Era of GameFi” Summit Concluded Successfully

On June 8, the “Web3+2024 in Vietnam: the New Era of GameFi” summit, hosted by Websea Labs and co-hosted by ABGA, Meta Heaven, and ChainCatcher, concluded successfully in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The summit brought together top experts, investors, and practitioners in the global blockchain and GameFi fields to discuss future trends and share the latest industry insights.

  • The event attracted many well-known projects and institutions, including HASHKEY、Future3 Campus,Conflux Network, Klaytn Foundation, Aptos Labs, SEI, ZetaChain, Web3port, MT Capital, K300 Ventures, Arche Fund, Aura, Degame, W3GG, Zentry, and Ancient8.

Web3+2024 Vietnam Cover

The summit began with a warm opening speech by Hunter, Partner at ChainCatcher, who welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance and expectations of the event.

Herbert then took the stage to introduce the vision, mission, and future plans of Websea Labs. He elaborated on Websea Labs’ strategic layout and achievements in blockchain technology and application innovation, highlighting its pivotal role in industry development.

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Websea Labs, as an essential part of the Websea ecosystem, aims to drive the blockchain industry forward through technological innovation and ecosystem building. Herbert stated that Websea Labs’ vision is to become the global engine of blockchain innovation, bringing transformative change to the industry. To achieve this, Websea Labs continually invests resources to incubate and support high-potential innovative projects.

One of the summit’s highlights was the debut of Meta Heaven, Websea Labs’ first Web3 game. Meta Heaven combines traditional farming, ranching, and mining with blockchain technology to create a self-sustaining in-game economy with a healthy economic model and a novel player development system. Meta Heaven COO Daryl Teo showcased the project’s core features and development plans, garnering significant attention.

Skylar, head of the ABGA accelerator, presented unique insights on GameFi, guilds, and communities with the theme “Asia’s Advantages of the Global Web3 Gaming Ecosystem.” She analyzed Asia’s unique strengths in the global Web3 gaming ecosystem, emphasizing its leading position in technological innovation, user base, and community building.

Web3+2024 Vietnam Panel Skylar

Skylar highlighted the vast potential of Asia’s Web3 gaming ecosystem, particularly in GameFi. She pointed out that Asia’s technological innovation, large user base, and vibrant community culture provide a solid foundation for GameFi development. She also stressed the crucial role of guilds and communities in driving the GameFi ecosystem, noting their importance in attracting new players and supporting player education, support, and governance.

The summit featured three themed panel discussions exploring the roles and challenges of public chains in GameFi, capital market perspectives and investment strategies in GameFi, and the influence and business models of GameFi ecosystem players.


Panel 1: The Future of Public Chains and GameFi Integration

Participants included Chris Oertel from Conflux Network, Christie from Aptos Labs, and Daryl Teo from Meta Heaven. They discussed the role of public chains in supporting the GameFi ecosystem, highlighting the importance of security, decentralization, and efficient transactions provided by public chains.

Panel 2: Capital Market Perspectives and Investment Strategies in GameFi

Panelists included Kiwi, Ike Li from Web3port, and Nathan from Arche Fund. They discussed the current state of the GameFi market, evaluation criteria, and investment strategies, emphasizing the importance of team background, execution ability, and technological innovation.

Panel 3: Influence and Business Models of GameFi Ecosystem Players

Moderated by Kevin Shao from ABGA, participants included Abin Arjun from Aura, Rachel from Degame, Denise from W3GG, Arnav Rawal from Zentry, and Ronald Aparajit from Ancient8. They discussed the development status and future trends of the GameFi ecosystem, sharing insights on community building, user engagement, and innovative strategies.

Web3+2024 Vietnam Panel

Kevin Shao first introduced the current state of development and future trends of the GameFi ecosystem. Shriyank Khobragade shared Aura’s success in the GameFi sector, emphasizing the importance of the player community in driving project development.

Rachel discussed Degame’s innovative strategies in business development and how enhancing user experience can increase player retention. Denise provided a detailed introduction to W3GG’s practices in player interaction and community building, highlighting the core role of community power in GameFi projects.

Arnav Rawal shared Zentry’s experience in optimizing game economic models and player earnings, stressing the combination of game design and economic incentives. Ronald Aparajit explored the role of Ancient8 in promoting the healthy development of the GameFi ecosystem, particularly how cross-sector collaboration can drive continuous innovation in the GameFi ecosystem.

Through this summit, ABGA showcased its deep expertise and innovative capabilities in the blockchain and GameFi sectors, while strengthening its connections with global industry leaders and partners. ABGA is dedicated to driving technological advancement and ecosystem development across the industry by incubating and supporting innovative projects.

With that, the “Web3+2024 in Vietnam: The New Era of GameFi” summit concluded successfully. In the future, ABGA will continue to promote technological innovation and ecosystem construction, providing an open and collaborative platform for Web3 game developers, investors, and enthusiasts worldwide. Please stay tuned for ABGA’s Asia Tour in July at IVS Kyoto and the Web3 Innovation Summit hosted by ABGA during Token2049 in Singapore this September. Looking forward to meeting you at these events to explore the limitless potential of Web3 gaming together!