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The Evolution and Vision of TheBrotherHood DAO: An Exclusive Interview with the Founder, Raja Ramachandran

Raja Ramachadran
Founder of TheBrotherHood DAO, Raja Ramachadran


1. Can you share your background and credentials?

I am the founder of a boutique Web3 venture support studio that I set up almost 3 years ago. We exclusively work on marketing, community, partnership, and fundraising. We work with a number of interesting Web3 brands across DeFi, GameFi, Infrastructure, Marketplace, and Metaverse.

I am also the cofounder of an upcoming Web3 community in Singapore called Web3Wed, and I am also a Web3 advisor at Purpleminds.

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2. Can you share the origin story of TheBrotherhood DAO and the inspiration behind its creation?

There are many reasons.

First-hand experience: I am into fashion and perfumes. Along the way, I discovered many grooming routines for men that were not commonly known. Also, as an entrepreneur, I do meet a lot of people, and particularly when it comes to men, it is uncommon to find men with well-rounded personalities who not only groom well and dress well but also are confident and have the right attitude and interpersonal skills. So I thought I could do something about it.

2nd reason for societal changes: I find the definition of masculinity outdated. Men need to be macho providers, though this is irrelevant in this age because gender roles have evolved quite significantly. Men are caught between traditional expectations and new realities and end up supportless, alone, and lost.

Hence, I believe it is an important problem to solve at a holistic level. So we help men level up in fashion, grooming, appearance enhancement, and personal development. Thus, we make men become their own heroes in their own stories.

Further, we could give them a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are more or less facing the same challenges, so they could connect well and support each other.


3. What unique values or principles does TheBrotherHood DAO embody, and how do they differentiate it from other DAOs?

There are several aspects that set us apart.

Exclusive community for men: We are an exclusive community for men. While there are a lot of women supporters in our community who are there to help support the men in their lives but we are laser-focused on men between 25 and 45 years old.

Holistic men care: We focus on helping men level up across fashion, grooming, appearance enhancement, and personal development. We take a well-rounded approach to personal development. We take care of the external and internal.

Practical: We have content surplus today, so people do not need content. They need practical solutions that will move them from one level to another. So our solutions are all practical and hands-on, such as guided journeys, workshops, 1:1 consultations, AMA sessions, and community interaction, which are part of our holistic solution approach.

So our USP is essentially that we are an exclusive DAO for men that has a practical approach to helping these men level up holistically.


4. How has TheBrotherHood DAO evolved since its inception, and what significant milestones or achievements have marked its journey so far?

When we soft launched in June this year, we did not have any aggressive targets, but we did know some KPIs that would be awesome to achieve. We stayed focused on getting the fundamentals right. We are over 2K strong now and growing, which is purely built through WOM and organic efforts.

We managed a few partner collaborations and Twitter spaces. We have a thriving telegram where the community interacts. We have also expanded into Web2.0 with the launch of our TikTok 3 months ago, which saw our first 1K followers there.

We have ambitious 2024 commercialising plans, so we are looking to further expand onto Web2.0 channels such as Instagram this January. We are doubling down on our IRL events, with our debut IRL event scheduled in the Mandala Club on January 11 and every month after that. We will also continue with our partner collaborations and referral efforts.


5. Can you elaborate on the governance structure of TheBrotherHood DAO and the decision-making processes that guide its operations?

We are very well aware that none of the DAO models have proven 100% successful. So we are prepared for a learning and optimising approach. We have not laid out a concrete governing structure yet. However, we do know that we would need different subcommittees for strategy, marketing, operations, community, finance, and a supervisory council to oversee.

We want to empower every member to play their part in shaping the DAO, while carefully treading critical decision-making is left to the subject matter experts. So we expect a para-decentralisation structure.


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6. What role does community play within TheBrotherHood DAO, and how do you foster collaboration and engagement among its members?

The community is at the centre of our DAO. We want community-driven decision-making wherever relevant. We want to empower members to be part of the solution. I believe a true community must naturally attract healthy conversations among its members without us needing to incentivize members to strike up conversations.

So the success lies in attracting like-minded individuals in the community. If that happens, engagement and collaboration will naturally follow.


7. In terms of transparency, how does TheBrotherHood DAO communicate with its members regarding financial matters, project updates, and decision outcomes?

We are a DAO, so being transparent to the members is vital. Currently, we communicate all the decision-making in our member channels via Telegram, which is our community hub. Besides, announcements are also posted on X. But as we grow, we are looking into streamlining through dashboards, trackers, and sheets to communicate with the members. We will establish a sub-committee that will lead its respective member communications.


8. Are there specific projects or initiatives that TheBrotherHood DAO is currently focused on, and how do these align with its broader mission?

Our current focus is to grow the community, as we look to onboard 10,000 members by the end of 2024. So all our activities are mainly growth-centric. Also, we are actively applying for grants to accelerate our growth.

Our debut event, “Bros in the Hood,” is scheduled for January 11 at Mandala Club. We have joined hands with like-minded communities such as Huros, the ZAG network, Proof of Support, and Association Blockchain Asia. The event is expected to attract people with a passion for fashion, grooming, appearance enhancement, fitness, and mental wellness. We have also lined up some career leadership talks to help people get a good head start in 2024. There are some cool giveaways for the participants. They can RSVP here


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9. How does TheBrotherHood DAO address challenges and conflicts that may arise within the community or during decision-making processes?

As we mentioned, there is not one DAO that has successfully achieved this. We have mechanisms like voting, different levels of sub-committees, and a review council to achieve the right decision-making. Our intended approach of para-decentralisation will help mitigate conflicts effectively.


10. As the founder, how do you see the future trajectory of TheBrotherHood DAO, and what goals or visions do you have for its continued growth?

As a business, we have the potential to disrupt a half-trillion-dollar industry.

We are targeting men in the age group of 25–45 years old globally. There are over 1.19 billion men in this age group globally, and every year, 7.3 million men are added to this age segment. So we have a sizable target market to go after.

We are looking to acquire 100K members in 2024, with 10K paid members. We do have corresponding revenue goals in 2024. In the long shot, we are looking to onboard 10 men in 10 years.


11. Can you share any lessons learned or insights gained from your experience in founding and leading TheBrotherHood DAO?

A true community does not need much work to ignite conversations. If members of a community are not engaging, it clearly means that they do not have the right members in the community. So we need to start from scratch and onboard. The best way is to cherry pick and onboard your seed members, and then build on top of them.


12. Lastly, how do we join TheBrotherHood DAO, and is there any membership fee?

Our DAO is free to join currently. You can join our telegram here: