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Not just another perpetual DEX! The Decentralized Exchange landscape will be rocked by

KTX Finance Airdrop

Sponsored Article is a decentralized derivative exchange powered by a hybrid multi-asset liquidity pool comprised of 50% stablecoins ($BUSD and $USDT) on one side and 50% assets ($BTC.B, $WETH, and $BNB) on the other. Traders can benefit from up to 50x leverage entirely on-chain, while liquidity providers can benefit from a high and sustainable yield paid out in $BNB tokens. This one-of-a-kind design, combined with a self-built custom oracle, allows traders to trade with no slippage and no price impact. makes use of a custom oracle to compute the median price of assets from seven different CEXs. The liquidity of $BTC, $ETH, and $BNB is extremely deep, and the distributed dataset across the 7 CEXs makes oracle manipulation extremely difficult.

A protocol developed by the community

There are many DEXs launching on other days, but what sets apart is the following:

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1. On the BNB Chain, there are few on-chain derivatives trading platforms that reward liquidity providers with real yield.

2. will have a significant head start thanks to the support of BNB Chain and other leading investors.

3. is built for the long term and is the only perpetual DEX on the BNB Chain that pays out liquidity providers in $BNB. Other projects are paying out yield in native tokens to attract users with unsustainable high yield. has a well-planned pipeline of “DeFi lego blocks” that will provide enormous value to users. Through social trading and extensive integration with other BNB Chain DeFi protocols, seeks to protect liquidity providers by reducing open interest skew and asset volatility risk.

4. listens and strives to improve the UI/UX for traders by incorporating TradingView charts and complex orders. Complex Orders would enable traders to open a position, take profit, and place a stop loss with a single click.

5. The perpetual DEX is the first to implement Dynamic Fees for opening and closing orders based on asset utilization. Traders can be confident that our trading fees are the lowest in the market.

After several iterations, believes that the current token distribution and token release schedule will ensure that is a “community-owned” protocol in the long run.

Perpetual Testnet until Mainnet Launch is currently running a Testnet perpetual airdrop campaign. has reached $1 billion in trading volume on Testnet in less than three weeks and has over 1.6k users (each BSC Testnet network faucet is 50k BUSD) on board. currently has over 4,000 unique users participating in the Testnet.

Perpetual Airdrops from

Early testers will receive $KTX token airdrops from Users who traded on the testnet actively during the testing period are eligible to claim gachapon boxes. When launches their tokens soon after Mainnet launch, which will occur around mid-March 2023, gachapon boxes can be opened for tokens.

To claim the package, eligible users who participated in the entire Testnet period must place a perpetual trade with 100 BUSD as collateral within 14 days of Mainnet launch. This 14-day window for claiming rewards begins only after is launched on Mainnet and a perpetual trade is placed and filled.

This airdrop mechanism ensures that traders who actively use will receive the most tokens and have the most control over the protocol.

The airdrop will favor traders who actively tested In the long run, we believe a weighted distribution of $ tokens will benefit the protocol. The testnet page is located at

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Visit the claim page for the airdrop.
2. Link your BNB wallet.
3. If you qualify, you will be able to obtain free packages.
4. Users who have traded actively on are eligible for free packages.
5. When the $KTX tokens are released in Q1 2023, packages will be available for purchase.
6. To claim the packages, eligible Testnet users must place a perpetual trade with 100 BUSD as collateral within 14 days of Mainnet launch.

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