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Inside Coinstore: An Interview with James Toh

James Toh, Coinstore 2

We have the privilege of interviewing James Toh, the Global Head of Business Development at Coinstore.

As the Global Head of Business Development, James takes the lead in driving the company’s expansion efforts. His expertise lies in crafting and executing strategies to enter new markets, secure strategic partnerships, and ultimately propel revenue growth.

James spearheads initiatives from identifying promising markets to negotiating key collaborations, significantly extending the company’s reach and influence.

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He leads a team of business development professionals, ensuring their efforts align with the overall growth plan. By continuously monitoring and analyzing results, James optimizes these initiatives for maximum impact, solidifying the company’s position for long-term success.


1. Can you introduce the “Finding the Future Alpha” forum? What triggered you to launch this forum?

James Toh: Glad to introduce. You know Solana is becoming popular now. Solana has attracted a significant influx of users and capital, breaking through a market capitalization of $90 billion and becoming one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market value.

Therefore, Coinstore and Jsquare will jointly host the “Finding the Future Alpha” new public blockchain forum, gathering top global capital, public blockchains, exchanges, KOLs, media, and other resources to collectively explore topics related to traditional and new public blockchains.

The forum focuses on the current state and future of new public blockchains, seeking more possibilities for the future ecosystem construction of new public blockchains.


2. Can you introduce the “Premiere Brand Conference”?

James Toh: Our brand conference gathered over 500 crypto entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and famous KOLs in Dubai. It will be a collision of top crypto minds.

It will bring unique industry perspectives and discuss the latest industry trends, including BTC ecosystem, the development of L2, and the opportunities and challenges of public chains through the industry’s celebrity forum.

Over 100 global top media will broadcast the meeting at the same time. Coinstore will livestream the conference on its own channels, CS Live and YouTube, to provide audiences around the world with access to the latest information.


3. Is there any big news you will release in your brand conference?

James Toh: Yes, we had announced two big news in this conference. The first one is about our Launchpad.

We will launch IEO 2.0 product soon. By introducing IEO 2.0 product for innovative and promising projects, Coinstore aims to facilitate the development of blockchain projects, thus listing tokens which will maximize users’ profits.

In addition, we will announce the brand ambassador recruitment program to spread the brand with famous crypto industry KOLs. Cooperation with KOLs has always been an important strategy in Coinstore’s development. Before this, we had been working with over 400 KOLs to launch live streams including Coinstore X Space and CS Live.


4. Coinstore just turned 3 in December, can you introduce some important achievements Coinstore has made during the past 3 years?

James Toh: During the past 3 years, Coinstore has created a robust product lineup that includes spot trading, over-the-counter (OTC) services, Launchpad, wallets, staking (Earn), futures and derivatives, and Labs.

As of November 2023, Coinstore has over 5 million registered users, covering over 175 countries and regions, with Indonesia, India, and Nigeria being the target markets. Launchpad becomes the core product for Coinstore, the average oversubscription rate has achieved 357.57%.

With fast development, Coinstore strongly confirms the expansion in emerging markets with anticipation of surpassing 10 million users by 2025.


5. We know Coinstore contributes to pick up high-quality assets and launch premium projects on Launchpad to benefit users. Therefore, Launchpad as Coinstore’s star product, what are the outstanding data achieved since its launch?

James Toh: Since its launch, Launchpad has gradually become an important product line for Coinstore and has brought a lot of benefits to our users.

To date, Launchpad projects have seen an average IEO subscription rate of 3,622.87%, with the best-performing project, SOIT, yielding an astounding 27.75x ATH (All-Time High) investment return.

Projects CNT and INVT also reached 26.05x and 22.52x ATH investment return. The Coinstore Prime board has nearly 20,000 participants with an average gain of over 1,170%, and IEO’s Startup board has a total of 25 projects live with nearly 50,000 participants.

Another piece of good news is we are going to launch IEO 2.0 product to pick up more high-quality projects.


6. What proactive steps are taken by Coinstore to navigate and overcome regulatory obstacles when bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional financial systems?

James Toh: I would say asset security is our top priority to provide a safe and secure environment for our users to trade.

To ensure the safety and financial security of user assets, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art security infrastructure and undergo regular third-party audits. Our technical team has recovered assets lost due to user errors to ensure the safety of users’ assets.

Besides the technical part, compliance is another part that must be mentioned. Coinstore contacts, discusses, and cooperates with local regulatory agencies in major target markets to help them understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and at the same time actively cooperates with local regulatory agencies to build relevant regulatory frameworks.

We are committed to becoming the most trustworthy and secure trading platform in the world.



7. I just heard you discussing Launchpad achievement. We’ve noticed that many trading platforms offer IEOs. Could you explain the differences between Coinstore’s IEO products? And what advantages do Coinstore’s IEO products have over those of its competitors?

James Toh: Absolutely, it’s true that most trading platforms offer IEO products, and it’s a significant aspect of many exchanges’ operations.

Coinstore has been curating high-quality assets for its users since the launch of its IEO products, and it has become a favorite among our users.

Today, Launchpad stands out as a star product for Coinstore. When it comes to differentiating our IEO from competitors’, I believe there are advantages in two key areas: screening and service.

In terms of screening, Coinstore employs a rigorous process involving multiple layers of evaluation and expert assessments to bring high-quality assets to our users.  This approach has been instrumental in Coinstore’s success, particularly during challenging market conditions.

Regarding service, Coinstore provides dedicated support for onboarding assets. We have a specialized team to offer one-on-one assistance to projects, aiding in their overall listing, marketing, and operations. This level of personalized service is a crucial factor in Coinstore’s success as a trading platform.


8. So as part of the most steadily operated exchange, Coinstore has come a long way in the blockchain industry! How do you see your party contributing healthy vibes to the markets or empower the blockchain ecosystem?

James Toh: Great question, when you mention about contributing healthy influence I have to bring up the Cryptalk.

Coinstore’s Cryptalk events have emerged as a beacon of knowledge and collaboration within the cryptocurrency community.

These conferences convene industry leaders, enthusiasts, investors, and key opinion leaders from around the world to explore the latest trends, regulations, and developments in the ever-evolving world of digital assets.

With a global perspective, Cryptalk provides a stage for thought leaders to share insights, discuss regulatory advancements, and delve into the latest innovations driving the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

The event’s emphasis on education underscores Coinstore’s commitment to fostering a healthier and safer crypto ecosystem. Through sessions that illuminate the importance of standardizing digital assets and adhering to regulatory criteria, Cryptalk equips attendees with the tools to navigate the dynamic crypto landscape.

To date, Coinstore has held more than 100 conferences in total, covering countries such as Colombia, London, Thailand, Russia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many more.


9. Meme coins always create a wealth effect. More and more people join the crypto market because of the price increase of Meme coins. Do you think it is just a short-term trend?

James Toh: This is a very interesting topic. We live in a ridiculous world, and this absurdity only inspires more interesting memes. The crazier and scarier the world becomes, the funnier the memes get, and we need them more than ever.

In internet culture, there is nothing more central than memes. Because cryptocurrency is essentially an internet currency, why wouldn’t memes be equally crucial to cryptocurrency?

For us, it makes sense that they often dominate the conversation and imagination of market participants. The market is essentially a meme, constantly driven by the most notable narratives of the day, week, or year.

Cryptocurrencies simply elevate this situation to another level. We have spent a lot of time in this industry discussing why things have value and how to measure the value of these assets.

Why is a token valuable? Ultimately, it is just collective belief, and people believe in memes. We grew up in memes, understand them, and cherish them. They are important to us.

James Toh, Coinstore 1


10. With the surge of Meme, the prosperity of DeFi, the development of Solana cannot be ignored. Some people even compare the development of the BTC and Solana ecosystem with the previous round of ETH and BSC development. How will Eth Layer2 compete with Solana?

James Toh: The biggest problem with L2 solutions such as Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync is that they have relied too heavily on the path set by Ethereum L1’s DeFi ecosystem.

In regards to how they will compete with Solana? The most important thing is to open up new narratives.  Focus on breakthroughs in Web3 games, AI, and Depin. We also hope that developers will not create old wheels and work hard to open up new battlefields. If all else fails, developing Depin vigorously is also a path.

The breakthrough of Solana is a good demonstration for Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync, and it is about learning rather than looking down upon.

The Ethereum ecosystem should also thank the innovative breakthroughs on BTC and Solana. Without this kind of “shark effect”, the Ethereum network would be too comfortable.

The stimulation from the BTC and Solana ecosystems is enough to attract the attention of the Ethereum community. The most important thing is not to look down upon or be hostile, but to learn from the breakthroughs of other ecosystems.

Only in this way can we continue to move forward. Ethereum has experienced multiple FUDs in history, and we believe in the resilience of Ethereum ecosystem developers and communities.


11. For a new user, when walking in the dark forest of the crypto world, what kind of security advice cannot be ignored? Can you share?

James Toh: Security is a topic that cannot be ignored. When walking in the dark forest of the crypto world, I hope that everyone can cultivate both internal and external skills.

On one hand, they can learn to analyze investments rationally and objectively, distinguish the pros and cons of projects, and be non-impulsive, blind, and greedy; On the other hand, you must also protect yourself, choose a good trading platform, like Coinstore.

Participate in good projects, be in a safe investment environment, and be cautious in transactions, and do not leak any information about private keys, mnemonic phrases, etc. Finally, it is best to distribute assets management, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Hope we can all get good returns.


12. With the prosperity of Solana and its low transaction cost, how will Ethereum’s Layer 2 solutions compete with Solana?

James Toh: The biggest problem with L2 solutions such as Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync is that they have relied too heavily on the path set by Ethereum L1’s DeFi ecosystem.  However, L2 has its own unique characteristics and should pave the way for applications with higher performance demands.

How to compete with Solana? I think the most important thing is to open up new narratives. Focus on breakthroughs in Web3 games, AI, and Depin. We also hope that developers will not create old wheels and work hard to open up new battlefields. If all else fails, developing Depin vigorously is also a path.

In addition, Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync also need to tilt their most valuable economic support (tokens) towards new track projects and developers. The L2 ecosystem has a latecomer advantage in token economics and can design better ecological incentive plans than previous public chains.

The breakthrough of Solana is a good demonstration for Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync, and it is about learning rather than looking down upon.


13. I understand that Coinstore has always been supporting industry development. Can you explain more details?

James Toh: Of course, Coinstore is not only a commercial company but also hopes to have a profound impact on the industry and society. In the process, Coinstore firmly believes that blockchain technology will create a fairer world and is committed to providing better tools for society so that they can master the power of Web3.

Therefore, Coinstore actively published Cryptalk and CS Connect events. To date, Coinstore held more than 30 Cryptalk, 15 CS Connect, and 15 Expo conferences.

The events build bridges between inside and outside the industry. It attracted active participation around the world and received a warm welcome.


14. Finally, as we conclude this interview for today, could you please share some of the future plans and strategies that Coinstore is preparing?

James Toh: Over the past three years, Coinstore has made remarkable progress during the bear market and has become one of the fastest-growing trading platforms in 2023.  We adhere to the philosophy of “long-termism” and strive to provide users with a secure and reliable trading platform while contributing to the industry in a down-to-earth manner.

In terms of the user base, we aim to make cryptocurrency accessible to more people, and we expect the number of users to exceed 10 million by 2025. Our goal is to establish Coinstore as a world-class digital asset exchange.

Lastly, since its inception, Coinstore has always adhered to a noble mission and set of values, striving to become a world-class digital asset exchange.

We approach every challenge presented by our users, partners, and the industry with passion and determination. Coinstore is committed to “global compliance” and has carefully planned a robust product lineup, including spot trading, OTC, Launchpad, wallets, Earn, contracts, Web3, and more.

We aim to become a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform, offering a one-stop solution for our users.