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ICC Camp S1 Officially Commences! The List of The First Batch of Signed Projects Has Been Announced

ICC Camp S1

ICC Camp S1 Officially Commences! The List of The First Batch of Signed Projects Has Been Announced

As pioneers in the journey of the Web3 industry towards the mainstream market, the development of Web3 games continues to captivate the public’s attention, bringing in a significant influx of non-industry players and user traffic to the Web3 sector. The progress of Web3 games is not only a sector consistently followed and researched by Web3 native professionals but also a breakthrough eagerly anticipated by many traditional game entrepreneurs.

Despite the industry’s winter in the past two years, with many resilient entrepreneurs striving to survive and continuously improving game products and project operations in a subdued market, high-quality Web3 game projects have consistently stood out in this industry cold spell. With the rapid rise of blockchain technology, an increasing number of Web2 game developers have joined the Web3 game field, injecting fresh and outstanding productivity into it. Today, the global Web3 game market has gained increasing attention and continues to grow, with its market value reaching several billion dollars.

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The bull market has already begun, and the market is set to thrive once again. Entrepreneurs and investors will have more opportunities for benefits, ushering in a new wave of entrepreneurial and investment enthusiasm in the Web3 gaming industry. Now is the prime time for entrepreneurs to enter the scene.


ICC Camp – The Guiding Light for Entrepreneurs

As an accelerator focused on Web3 game entrepreneurship, ICC Camp is committed to cultivating and supporting outstanding entrepreneurs in the Web3 gaming industry, providing students with systematic high-quality offline courses, introducing rich industry resources, and offering substantial financial support.

In the current industry opportunity, ICC Camp will also invite numerous mentors from some well-known institutions within the industry to interpret industry trends, share successful experiences, provide in-depth insights, and open a new perspective on the Web3 gaming ecosystem for ICC Camp S1 entrepreneurs, assisting entrepreneurs in soaring on their innovative journey.

ICC Camp have assigned a full-time dedicated mentor to each student from the first day of their enrollment, providing them with personalized and professional guidance throughout their journey in ICC Camp. These five full-time dedicated mentors possess extensive experience in the Web3 industry and will share deeper industry insights during one-on-one coaching sessions with students. These five full-time mentors are:


Kevin Shao – Bitrise Capital Co-Founder, ABGA Executive President, ICC GROUP Advisor

Possessing an EMBA degree from the National University of Singapore, Kevin has long been dedicated to investment and research in the fintech, digital currency, and blockchain industries, managing digital assets totaling $200 million. Kevin previously served as the General Manager of the Blockchain Division at a NASDAQ-listed company, Canaan, where he was responsible for strategic planning and global promotion of the company’s blockchain business.


Simon Li – Chain Capital Co-Founder, Kirin Fund Co-Founder, ABGA Executive Vice-President

Graduated from Zhejiang University and holding an NUS EMBA, Simon specializes in investing in high-quality blockchain projects worldwide. Simon has initiated and managed multiple blockchain investment funds, with investment cases including globally renowned blockchain projects such as Filecoin, Polkadot, Klaytn, Unifi, Casperlabs, and Blockstack.


Alex Yang – Blockhive Capital Founder

As a serial entrepreneur with six years of experience in the crypto industry and expertise in primary and secondary investment incubation, Alex has provided Go-To-Market (GTM) and Market Management (MM) consulting services to several top 300 projects across various industries.


James Fang – PangaCapital Partner

James used to work as the investment director of KuCoin Ventures. James’s main focus was infra and led the investment into the early rounds of Taiko, Polyhedra, Dephinuslabs, Fuzzland and so on.


Byrn – Senior investor in GameFi, DeFi, Web3

Since entering the crypto industry in 2016, Byrn has been exclusively involved in project investments, focusing on areas such as infrastructure, GamingFi, DeFi, and Web3. During my tenure at a Tier 2 exchange platform, he was responsible for investment and listing business lines, as well as overseeing the IEO collaboration between this platform and a Tier 1 platform. Byrn has previously been involved in the partial investment of the following projects: Oxy, DeFiLand, Coin98, etc.


List of mentors for ICC Camp S1:

ICC Camp S2

In addition, ICC Camp S1 has received support and recognition from many well-known institutions in the Web3 industry, including but not limited to prominent Exchanges, VCs, Public Chains, Cloud Service Providers, Infrastructure Partners, Gaming Distribution Platforms, Launchpads, Traffic Platforms, Wallets, Media, Communities, KOL, Guilds, Daos, etc.

ICC Camp have strategically partnered with institutions such as Gate Labs, Foresight Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, SlowMist, GSR, Bing Ventures, dtcpay, Alchemy Pay, TokenPocket, MixMarvel, Yeeha, Google Cloud, imToke, ABCDE, TZ APAC, RootData, Chain Catcher, PA News, Jinse Finance, BlockTempo, DeThings, among others. Through integrating the strengths of various parties, ICC Camp aims to jointly build a robust global Web3 game ecosystem, supporting the vibrant development of outstanding startup teams in the future Web3 gaming domain.

Among these partnerships, the world’s leading blockchain content incubation platform, MixMarvel, will provide ICC Camp with a series of ecological support, scholarships for outstanding students, special investment project support, blockchain grants for gaming, and assistance with game publishing through Upchain.

The premier content distribution platform, Yeeha, will enhance ICC Camp’s visibility by providing student platform traffic support. the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity, TZ APAC, will offer substantial grants and ecological support for ICC Camp, strongly supporting outstanding start-up projects.

The top auditing institution SlowMist will provide exclusive discounts for outstanding projects of ICC Camp, while Google Cloud will offer up to $100,000 in credits and additional support within the Google ecosystem.

ICC Camp has selected 29 outstanding Web3 game projects from hundreds of applications to officially join the camp, covering various sub-sectors including GameFi, Fully On-Chain Game, Metaverse, SportiFi, Rental-Based Gaming Platforms, Traffic Platforms, etc.


ICC Camp S1

The official announcement list of the first batch of signed projects for ICC Camp S1 is as follows (in alphabetical order, without specific ranking):

  1. ATG X

ATG X is a AAA-grade, bizarre adventure AI metropolis where the journey begins with the acquisition of a mystical pet. You will delve into the secret alleys styled after various countries, unraveling urban legends and unsolved mysteries that span from the Cecil Hotel to the notorious Jack the Ripper, from the ominous Tengu to the chilling tales of the human meat bun shop.


  1. Bitworld

Bitworld is an AI driven world that achieves unified and interesting NFT asset standards through AIGC + blockchain, and thus constructs an autonomous intelligent world.


  1. Buearn

BUEARN is an innovative fitness platform leveraging Web 3.0 elements, offering personalized avatars and gamified workouts. Users can compete, connect, and earn rewards within a vibrant community, while content creators can monetize their expertise through various revenue models.


  1. Camelot Guardian

Lead your hero to glory in Camelot Guardian, an immersive blockchain game that seamlessly blends strategy, adventure, and exhilarating PVE/PVP modes. Command unique heroes with diverse skills and missions and engage in epic tournaments.


  1. D’island

Dislands represents a Dynamic Metaverse game, embodying the fusion of Web3, Metaverse, and Arcade Machine, delivering a groundbreaking open-world gaming experience and sustainable in-game ecosystem.


  1. Dragon Ninjia

DragonNinjia is a thrilling RPG adventure where you play as a masterful ninja on a quest for the legendary Dragon Balls. Battle through hordes of enemies, face epic bosses, and harness powerful skills to emerge victorious.


  1. GalaxyBlitz

GALAXY BLITZ is a sci-fi SLG Web3 game powered by blockchain technology. You can experience the fun from winning against other players in the exciting PVP mode. You also can try out the unique GVG gameplay that focuses on the combat between DAOs. The game has already Lived on BNB Chain and Zksync, Conflux Espace.


  1. IDLE

IDLE StoneAge allows players to set up their own characters as heroes and burn on-chain resources to facilitate their progression throughout the game. The blockchain-based game is equipped with rich modes and novel economic models.


  1. Imbalance

Imbalance is a web3 game that combines gameplay elements from Diablo and the economic structure of Fantasy Westward Journey.


  1. Kolink

Kolink stands as a trailblazing force in the realm of web3 projects, redefining the landscape of promotion through a powerful combination of artificial intelligence and smart contracts. It is designed to be the ultimate catalyst for project visibility and success by seamlessly connecting web3 initiatives with influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).


  1. Landlord

Landlord is the First Fully on-chain business strategy game. The Mission of Landlord is to create a fair, transparent, safe, and trustworthy Monopoly game environment for players, and promote the participation of the game community and the sharing economy.


  1. Matchi

MATCHI is a Web3 dance & fitness game.


  1. Majyo Treasure

Majyo Treasure transports players to a whimsical world of witches in this laid-back strategy idle game, set to launch on Telegram. The game’s focal point lies in idle boss battles, where players enhance their equipment and strategize their lineups to take on various bosses and reap the rewards. Furthermore, Majyo Treasure will introduce robust social features including shared loot, PvP battles, and an in-game trading hub.


  1. Midnight Falling

“Midnight Falling” is a blockchain-based Roguelike mobile game. In this world filled with unknowns and challenges, players will take on the roles of different professions, challenging enemies, collecting evolution elixirs, and continuously upgrading their characters’ levels and skills to deal with increasingly powerful opponents and levels.


  1. Mirror Realms

Mirror Realms is an engaging competitive game with a charming girl-themed aesthetic. It features 3v3 casual matchups and a unique Survive-to-Earn gameplay mechanic. In the game, players can acquire weapon NFTs and develop their characters, crafting a diverse array of character and weapon combinations through the integration of AIGC.


  1. Richverse

Richverse starting from the first Gamefi of BTC-L2, the explorer in GameFi 2.0, and build a brand new SocialFi ecology base on XR. Make the Bitcoin ecosystem more interesting.


  1. Pixudi

Pixudi offers a unique blend of Free2Play and Play2Collect models. This blockchain-based race board game immerses players in an exhilarating quest for treasures and glory. Inspired by classics like Dungeons and Dragons, Pixudi delivers thrilling gameplay with mini-games, quests, and pet interactions. It serves as a bridge between traditional Web2 values and Web3 innovations.


  1. Planet Hares

Planet Hares is the first 3D metaverse platform designed to run within Web3 wallets. It integrates games, branded community building, fashion IP, original novels, and AI digital characters, aiming to create a Web3 ecosystem with tens of millions of users. It provides various application scenarios and services for different communities and partners.


  1. Primitive Layer

Primitive Layer seeks to transform Web3 by establishing a cross-chain logic layer for generating fundamental building blocks – primitive assets. These include basic elemental tokens (like Fire, Earth, Water, Air) and more complex tokens representing biological and mineral components (think DNA and precious metals). This will address fragmentation, boost interoperability, promote resource efficiency, and reshape the industry by making composable assets the standard.


  1. Project Bae

Create your personal Jarvis. X to Evolve & Earn. Through X to Evolve user-experience, users create an AI personal assistant that lives and evolves on mobile like a Tamagotchi. By interacting with AI Jarvis/ Bae, users evolve and earn rewards.


  1. PunkNinja

PunkNinja is the first Web3 all-category casual game platform (Online x Offline). For more Web2 users to enjoy Web3 games.


  1. Real

REAL is a LBS Socialverse platform powered by the mechanics of “Pokémon GO”. It’s the first game of its kind that invites users to venture into the real world to gather digital assets and engage with others globally. Players have the opportunity to acquire, own, and develop properties that mirror real-world locations at a 1:1 scale, as well as participate in LBS gameplay to claim assets from others.


  1. Satoshi Universe

The Satoshi Universe project invites you to embark on an exhilarating journey through a vast ecosystem of diverse products. Immerse yourself in a unique NFT-based card game, explore the blockchain-based city builder game, and delve deep into an evolving lore, all within a single universe united by one and only token.


  1. Spawnpoint (Aptosplay)

SpawnPoint is a rental-based gaming platform with cross-game asset trading, blockchain-powered currency, and true ownership of progress and assets.


  1. Star Symphony

Star Symphony is the first Rhythm Battler game built on blockchain, an avant-garde anime brand focused on digital collectibles, that brings together stunning world-building, and immersive storytelling, with the integration of music & blockchain to create a truly unique and engaging user experience. Envisioned to empower musicians, content creators & enrich gaming experiences of gamers. Led by award winning team members & advised by remarkable world class leaders in the industry, Star Symphony first core-product is the Rhythm Battler that offers a unique gameplay that is nostalgic like Guitar Hero yet with a competitive touch like Mario Kart & a unique upgradable collection set like Genshin Impact.


  1. Surreal Games

Surreal Games is at the forefront of the iGaming revolution, leveraging cutting-edge mixed reality (MR) technology to redefine the gaming experience. Surreal focus on social poker sets us apart, as Surreal Games create immersive environments where players can connect, compete, and socialize like never before.


  1. Uncharted Lands X

Uncharted Lands X is an innovative gaming experience merging exploration, commerce, and cryptocurrency. Players embark on the journey of a young adventurer striving to transform their village into a bustling trade center. Navigating uncharted territories, collecting rare artifacts, and engaging in intricate trade networks propel the village to greatness. With the introduction of social aspects into GameFi, Uncharted Lands X offers players a unique experience.


  1. Wheel Of Fate

Wheel Of Fate is a competitive game that combines DN404 and AI. Players take turns to shoot, competing for the final survival chance and earning substantial rewards.


  1. Xenobunny

XenoBunny redefines Web3 gaming by blending AI, cross-chain technology, and NFTs, inviting players to evolve Baby Xenobunnies across blockchains. With its unique land warfare and strategic card gameplay, it offers a thrilling cross-chain battle experience and diverse earning models, setting a new benchmark in immersive and rewarding gaming.


Currently, some start-up projects are still in the process of signing, and the ICC Camp official will continue to update and announce them gradually.

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