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Fostering Future Stars in Web3 Gaming: Successful Conclusion of ICC Camp S1 Offline Course in Singapore

ICC Camp Completion

Successful Conclusion of ICC Camp S1 Offline Course in Singapore

From March 13th to March 16th, the renowned Web3 gaming startup accelerator, ICC Camp, commenced its offline courses in Singapore as scheduled. For these offline courses, ICC Camp invited industry elites from major institutions in the Web3 industry and Web3 gaming sector. More than 20 participating projects gathered in Singapore to embark on a four-day journey of Web3 gaming entrepreneurship courses and study tours.


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ICC – The Industry’s First Vertical Accelerator Focused on Gaming Sector

Web3 gaming represents a new generation of game development and operation models based on blockchain, decentralized technology, and the encrypted digital economy. Owners in the Web3 gaming sector possess tremendous growth potential.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, coupled with players’ recognition of the authenticity and value of in-game assets, Web3 gaming is poised to become a significant trend in the gaming industry. The development of Web3 gaming is not only a track that Web3-native practitioners have been focusing on and researching, but also attracts many traditional game entrepreneurs.

As an accelerator focused on the Web3 gaming industry, ICC Camp has attracted passionate entrepreneurs from around the globe who are enthusiastic about Web3 gaming. After rigorous selection and interviews, 31 projects stood out and were selected for ICC Camp S1.

During the four-day offline course in Singapore, entrepreneurs not only gained insights into the latest industry information but also received one-on-one professional guidance from mentors. They also had the opportunity to visit renowned Web3 institutions in Singapore, interact face-to-face with leaders in Web3 industry, and share entrepreneurial experiences and insights into Web3 gaming.

The professional entrepreneurial courses and patient mentorship provided during these offline courses have opened the doors to entrepreneurial success for ICC Camp entrepreneurs.

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Highlights Review

 This offline course featured nine sessions of rich entrepreneurial content, including 1-on-1 mentor guidance sessions and one Demo Day.

——Entrepreneurship Curriculum System

ICC Camp meticulously planned a curriculum system that combines theory with practice, and encompasses both foresight and implementation.

On the industry outlook level,

Jade Zhang, founder of MixMarvel, initiated a course titled “The Next Tipping Point of Web3 Games“. Her course combined the unique attributes of blockchain, contrasting the core elements of blockchain game design with traditional game design, leading entrepreneurs to deeply contemplate the potential explosive points of chain games.

Simon Li, founder of Chain Capital and Vice Executive President of ABGA, delivered the course titled “Guide to Success in Web3 Business,” introducing the development trends of the Web3 industry and delving into various challenges of Web3 entrepreneurship to help start-up teams avoid risks.

Kevin Shao, Co-founder of Bitrise Capital and Executive President of ABGA, conducted an in-depth course titled ” Overview of Web3 GameMarket and Development Trends,” providing insights into the current status and future development trends of the Web3 gaming industry to help entrepreneurs better understand industry dynamics.

Ben He, founder and CEO of imToken, delivered the course titled “Experiences for Expanding Business Overseas“, guiding entrepreneurs to explore the commercial landscape of Web3 gaming in the global market and understand the importance and challenges of international market expansion.

On the practical implementation level, Nicole Zhang, partner of Lingfeng Innovation Fund, presented the course ” Web3 Tokenomics Design“, delving into the design principles and practical methods of Web3 tokenomics models, systematically discussing the building blocks of Web3 tokenomics model design, including incentive mechanisms, token economics, governance models, and exploring the applicability, advantages and disadvantages of different models in different scenarios.

Julie Luo, BD VP of GSR, conducted the course “Introduction to Market Making for Cryptocurrencies“, providing a detailed explanation of market-making strategies and technologies in the cryptocurrency market.

Blue, CTO of SlowMist, delivered the course “Web3 Attack and Protect“, discussing various security risks faced by the Web3 industry and proposing effective measures to protect user data and assets.

Du Jun, co-founder of ABCDE, conducted a course titled “Web3 Market Growth and Brand Influence in New Cycle” focusing on aspects such as market positioning, value proposition, advertising marketing, positioning strategy, brand PR, and crisis PR, with a special focus on future marketing strategies for Web3 gaming.

Additionally, two mentors from Google Cloud Singapore, Eefy Lin, Google Cloud Web3 Solution Architect, and Blues Lin, Google Cloud Emerging Strategy APAC, presented the course “Web3 Gaming on Cloud“, exploring the infinite possibilities of integrating cloud technology with Web3 gaming from the perspective of cloud computing.

ICC Camp S1 Talk

——Demo Day

On the final day of offline courses in Singapore, ICC Camp arranged for in-depth one-on-one communication between mentors and entrepreneurs, followed by the Demo Day of these start-up projects at the Google Cloud Asia-Pacific headquarters. During this process, mentors attentively listened to the entrepreneurs’ project plans and concerns.

They provided tailored professional guidance and advice based on the unique characteristics and progress of each project, enabling them to develop targeted acceleration plans. This was not only a transmission of knowledge and information but also a collision of ideas, exchange of experiences, and transfer of resources, allowing every entrepreneur to feel the dedication of ICC Camp and their mentors.


——Interactive Exchange

ICC Camp also meticulously organized banquet and mento-entrepreneur group meetings outside of the curriculum. At the Web3 Gaming Banquet sponsored by MixMarvel and Yeeha, and the Investment and Financing Banquet sponsored by Tezos, entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts engaged in discussions, sharing entrepreneurial experiences, expanding network resources, and fostering deeper industry collaborations.

*MixMarvel will provide ICC Camp with a series of ecosystem support, including scholarships for outstanding projects, special investment project support, blockchain grants for gaming, and assistance with game publishing through Upchain. The premier content distribution platform, Yeeha, will enhance ICC Camp’s visibility by providing start-up projects platform traffic support.

* TZ APAC, the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity, will offer substantial grants and ecological support for ICC Camp.

ICC Camp S1 Discussion

After the conclusion of the course, many entrepreneurs expressed their approval of ICC Camp curriculum and indicated their anticipation of applying the insights gained to the future development of their own projects. Participating mentors also stated that the entrepreneurs demonstrated a profound understanding of the Web3 gaming industry and showcased innovative thinking.

They displayed the strength and potential of current Web3 gaming start-up teams, leaving a lasting impression with their creativity and execution abilities.

ICC Camp S1 Group Photo

Future Outlook

2024 marks the golden year for the development of the Web3 industry and presents the best opportunity for the Web3 gaming sector to flourish. The six-month ICC Camp S1 not only assists participating projects in their growth and development but also brings new ideas and opportunities to the entire gaming industry.

ICC Camp aims to become a bridge connecting game developers, investors, and users, driving the next wave of growth in the Web3 gaming industry.

ICC Camp S1 offline courses in Singapore has successfully concluded. In the coming months, the accelerator will host the second phase of offline courses in Hong Kong, continuing to track the progress of entrepreneurs. Mentors will continue to provide targeted guidance, customizing project incubation plans to further propel the positive development of enrolled projects and provide more opportunities for learning and networking.

We warmly welcome institutions, experts, and builders from the Web3 industry to actively participate in the highlight of ICC Camp offline courses in Hong Kong – the Demo Day of start-up projects, where they can engage directly with outstanding Web3 gaming projects.

ABGA Web3 Gaming Demo Day

Registration Link:

For more information about ICC Camp S1 and upcoming events, please stay tuned to the official ICC platform.

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