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Exploring Crypto Slang Terms: A Guide for Beginners

Common Slang Terms in Crypto


Finding out the language is half the fight in the vast world of cryptocurrencies. Like any other type of field, crypto also has its own slang terms used in crypto that sometimes confusing to beginners.

Exploring slang may help you utilize conversations as well as keep up with the latest ongoing trends, whether you are new to the world of Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other assets of digital.

Read and learn some of the most used slang terms in the crypto field.

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Why are slang terms used in crypto?

In the crypto community, slang terms are equivalent to shared secret codes that are understood by all.

They add excitement as well as energy to cryptocurrency discussions. It is as though we have a common language that unites and cools us.

Slang terms used in crypto also make things easier to understand and more enjoyable because cryptography can be difficult to understand.

All in all, it is just a way for us to enjoy ourselves while we invest and learn.


Some of the Common Slang Terms Used in Crypto

  1. HODL

It feels like holding on to something. In the setting of cryptocurrencies, it refers to keeping your coins rather than selling them, even when their value changes.

  1. FOMO

Imagine being aware that you are losing out on something amazing. The acronym for FOMO is “Fear Of Missing Out.”

This slang term used in crypto happens when you witness someone else gaining money or enjoying themselves and you are inspired to follow suit.

  1. FUD

This one is about spreading doubt, anxiety, and fear.

To cause others to sell something, like a stock or cryptocurrency, and cause the price to drop, people may spread false information.

  1. Mooning

No, just staring at the moon is not the point. When something in the financial world is “mooning,” it shows its value is increasing dramatically.

It is similar to taking off for the moon in the slang terms used in crypto.

  1. REKT

It is all about losing big time in this one. When someone says they got “rekt,” it usually means they lost a lot of money or were destroyed in a gambling or trading situation.

  1. DYOR

This slang term used in crypto is similar to telling yourself to finish your homework before deciding. The acronym DYOR denotes “Do Your Own Research.”

It acts as a reminder to do your research rather than simply trusting what other people say.

  1. Bagholder

Imagine having to bag a bulky bag full of belongings. In the world of finance, a “bagholder” is someone who is forced to hang onto resources that are declining in value, like stocks or cryptocurrencies.

They are hoping for it to rise once more to sell it and get rid of their “bag.”

  1. Pump and Dump

Imagine pumping air into a balloon and then suddenly releasing it. “Pump and dump” refers to the practice in finance of intentionally pumping the price of an asset (like a stock or bitcoin) through the publication of excessive and misleading information.

When the price rises, they profitably sell off their shares, sending the market into a correction and leaving others holding the bag.

  1. Whale

Imagine a large, strong animal swimming in the sea. A “whale” in the world of finance is a person who possesses huge holdings of stock or cryptocurrency.

Simply, these slang terms used in crypto are by purchasing or selling in bulk, and they can affect the market.

  1. Bull Market

Imagine a large, powerful bull charging ahead. A “bull market” in the financial world refers to a situation in which people are feeling cheerful about the market and stock or crypto prices are rising.

  1. Bear Market

Another slang term used in crypto is to picture a bear going into hiding or hibernating.

A “bear market” in finance is defined by price drops and a general sense of negativity about the market.

  1. Altcoin

Let’s say there are “alternative coins” and then there is Bitcoin. This is the meaning of “altcoins”. They are essentially all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

There are thousands of different altcoins available, each with unique features and applications.

Slang Terms

Origins of these Common Slang Terms Used in Crypto

  1. HODL

In a 2013 Bitcoin forum post, there was a typo that gave rise to this phrase. Rather than writing “hold,” the user wrote “hodl,” and it became popular.

It slang terms used in crypto represent the approach of not giving in to panic selling and instead holding onto your cryptocurrency investments for the long haul, even in the face of price swings.

  1. FOMO

The phrase “Fear Of Missing Out” has been around for a while, but as cryptocurrencies gained popularity and volatility, so did its importance within the crypto community.

This is the worry that you might not be able to profit from rising prices if you fail to invest or buy something right away.

  1. FUD

This slang term used in crypto originated in the stock market but gained popularity in the cryptocurrency world because cryptos are theoretical and decentralized.

It refers to the spreading of unfavorable information or rumors that promote fear and uncertainty in the market, frequently to pressure other people to sell their holdings.

  1. Mooning

Since it has been used in some contexts, the phrase “to the moon” became well-known in the cryptocurrency world to refer to famous price increases or a sharp increase in value.

It represents the idea that the worth of a cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly and hitting all-time highs.

  1. REKT

“Rekt” is a slang term used in crypto that originated in online gaming culture, specifically in multiplayer video games. It denotes being completely driven out or destroyed.

It is a lighthearted term used in the cryptocurrency community to characterize large losses or investment or trading failures.

  1. DYOR

“Do Your Own Research” provides a helpful reminder to investors to fully investigate their options before deciding what to buy, especially during the extremely unstable gambling world of cryptocurrencies.

It highlights how necessary it is to know an investment’s potential and risks before investing.

  1. Bagholder

This phrase describes someone who is forced to hang onto a declining asset, frequently because they purchased it at a higher price and can no longer sell it without suffering a loss.

It is a slang term used in crypto used in the cryptocurrency community to characterize people who hang onto tokens or coins that have significantly lost value.

  1. Pump and Dump

This phrase originated in traditional finance, but because market manipulation schemes are so common, it has come to be connected to cryptocurrencies.

It involves applying hype and false information to boost the price of an asset (the “pump”).

The asset is then sold at a profit when the price is high (the “dump”), allowing other investors with losses.

  1. Whale

This slang terms used in crypto, which has been taken from the worlds of finance and gambling, is related to people or organizations that own large quantities of cryptocurrency and can affect market prices by buying or selling it.

Because they control such a large amount of assets, whales can have major effects on market movements.

  1. Bull Market and Bear Market

These phrases were first used to define market conditions in traditional finance.

A “bear market” is marked by declining prices as well as sorrow among investors, whereas rising prices along with investor confidence define a “bull market.”

The two terms are frequently combined in the cryptocurrency community to refer to general market sentiment and trends.

  1. Altcoin

In the early days of cryptocurrencies, most likely at the same time as Bitcoin’s popularity was growing, the term “altcoin” first appeared.

Looking at that Bitcoin was the first and most widely used cryptocurrency, any that followed digital currency was called, simply “altcoin” or “alternative coin”.


Usage Examples of Common Slang Terms Used in Crypto

These examples show the different contexts in which each term is used in the Bitcoin community.

  • HODL

I intend to hold onto my Bitcoin until it hits $100,000.

During market dips, hodl onto your investments and wait for prices to rise rather than selling in a panic.

  • FOMO

When I saw that Ethereum’s price was rising, I bought into it out of FOMO.

When I learned about the new altcoin that everyone was talking about, FOMO set in.

  • FUD

Ignore the FUD misled by those who try to attempt to influence the market.

There is a lot of FUD going around about that new crypto project but I have done research by myself and got that it is promising.

  • Mooning

Once more, Bitcoin is mooning. It recently reached a record high.

At last, my altcoin investment began to moon, and I’m now seeing huge returns.

  • REKT

I’m a rekt now that I put all of my money into that initial coin offering.

I rekt trading altcoins since I neglected to place stop-loss orders

  • DYOR

To stay away from fraud, always remember to DYOR before making any cryptocurrency investments.

I’m glad I DYORed before taking part in that token sale because it turned out to be a scam.

  • Bagholder

I became a bagholder when that altcoin was at its highest point.

Sell your losing investments and reduce your losses instead of being a complainer.

  • Pump and Dump

Stay away from pump and dump groups; they are unethical and against the law.

Whales engineered a pump-and-dump scheme involving that altcoin.

  • Whale

Due to a whale selling off quite a bit of their holdings, the price of Bitcoin fell dramatically.

Whales controlling the market are something we have to be nervous about.

  • Bull Market and Bear Market

At the moment, most cryptocurrency prices are rising steadily, indicating that we are in a bull market.

It is advisable to hodl and wait for prices to rise during a bear market.

  • Altcoin

Thousands of altcoins with different features and applications exist, but Bitcoin is possibly the most popular cryptocurrency.

Litecoin, Cardano, Ethereum, and other altcoins are among the many that I invested in to diversify my portfolio.


What is the slang Wagmi?

The crypto slang term “Wagmi” means “We’re all gonna make it.” In the cryptocurrency community, it is a positive expression of encouragement and optimism that suggests everyone will succeed or make money from their endeavors.

These slang terms used in crypto strengthen the belief in the possibility of financial success and group prosperity in the market by building a sense of friendship and mutual support among those who love cryptocurrency.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an ape in crypto slang?

The term “ape” in the sense of cryptocurrency refers to the purchase of a cryptocurrency or NFT (non-fungible token) without doing sufficient research first.

In simple terms, “aping” denotes making a risky investment choice by blindly listening to the excitement.

  1. What is AMA crypto slang?

In the crypto language, AMA says “Ask Me Anything”.

This is the same as where investors or groups in the crypto space respond to inquiries from the public regarding their tech, sector, or technology.

It is a means of promoting community involvement and openness.

  1. What is SafeBLAST crypto?

This could be a memecoin, utility token, or DeFi (decentralized finance) token connected to a particular network or group of people.

Before thinking about investing in any crypto area, every investor should do research as well.

  1. What is beefy crypto?

Beefy Crypto is a DeFi platform that offers yield farming aggregation services on multiple blockchains including the BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

By compounding earnings automatically and maximizing returns, it makes it possible for users to improve their yield farming strategies.

  1. What is mint and burn crypto?

“Mint and Burn” describes the process of producing (minting) or getting rid of (burning) tokens within an ecosystem.

The process of minting is to produce new tokens, usually as payment to liquidity providers or validators.

On the other hand of slang terms used in crypto, burning means taking tokens out of circulation permanently, usually to manage supply or control inflation.


Final Note

It can be difficult to get around the cryptocurrency world, particularly for beginners. To communicate effectively and make wise decisions, one must be aware of the slang terms used in crypto community.

Gaining familiarity with these common terms will help you take part more effectively in discussions, stay clear of common risks, and make better choices regarding investments in the cryptocurrency space.

Exploring Crypto Slang Terms: A Guide for Beginners