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Web3 Investor Breakfast

Web3 Investor Breakfast

​Join the Web3 Investor Breakfast, TOKEN2049 side event, to meet startups who are shaping the future of Web3.

​Showcasing the 3rd cohort from Brinc’s Web3 Accelerator, delivered in partnership with Animoca Brands, and previous cohort startups, this group represents a diverse range of industries, each empowered by the capabilities of blockchain, decentralized applications, and emerging technologies:

​DeFi: Pioneering the transformation of financial systems with decentralized solutions.

​Entertainment & Loyalty Platforms: Redefining engagement and loyalty through innovative Web3 technologies.

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​Gaming: Pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment and ownership using blockchain.

​Healthcare: Harnessing decentralized solutions to elevate patient care and revolutionize medical practices.

​Technology & Infrastructure: Enabling the broader Web3 ecosystem with cutting-edge technological advancements.


​​Event Agenda

​​9:30am – Doors Open

​9:40am – 10:00am – Event Registration + Breakfast & Coffee/Tea served

​10:00am – 12:30pm – Startup & Investor Meetings – 15 minute meetings

​12:30pm – 1:00pm – Closing Remarks + Networking

Exclusive Opportunities:

​Connect: Engage in intimate conversations with startups at the forefront of Web3 innovation.

​Discover: Gain early insights into disruptive technologies that are shaping the landscape of multiple industries.

​Collaborate: Form strategic partnerships that position you as a pioneer in the evolving Web3 ecosystem.

​Invest: Identify promising ventures for early-stage investments and be a catalyst for transformative growth.

​Network: Build lasting relationships with fellow investors and industry leaders during a light networking session.

​Startups Presenting


​Finceptor (Turkey) — a capital, liquidity and community bootstrapping platform natively built for Web3 protocols to access token financing at pre-token, token launch, and post-token stages. Aiming to provide a seamless, barrier-free and secure platform, retail investors can discover, invest and provide early liquidity to Web3’s rising stars.

​MC² Finance (Portugal) — a DeFi portfolio infrastructure designed to build, find, and share Alpha. Traders are empowered to create and execute successful strategies across various DeFi protocols and chains via Drag&Drop. Traditional wealth management standards are brought to crypto natives, enabling institutional capital to access DeFi with ease.

​Zoth (Singapore) — a DeFi ecosystem that provides access to global trade finance in emerging markets. Acting as a bridge between small businesses and access to funding and crypto lenders, its first product offers fixed income, secured and insured opportunities to entrepreneurs in emerging markets.


​ (UAE) — the world’s only AI-powered music development program dedicated to helping artists grow their career online, offering 35+ tools for music production and distribution. A variety of Web3 features are integrated into the platform to expand the product offerings, such as Listen-2-Earn gamification, NFT contracts for music, video, and advertisements.

​Clozer (UAE) — is music artists’ go-to platform to directly sell experiences with them. This all-in-one solution enables artists to sell, manage, and execute experiences efficiently on-platform.

​The Edge of Company (USA) is a quickly growing startup empowering the pioneers of Web3, Tech and Culture, and responsible for groundbreaking endeavors like the Edge Of NFT Podcast, Edge of AI Podcast, NFT LA, and the Outer Edge LA innovation festival.

​HarmoniXX (Singapore) by Digital Encore is revolutionizing music for Web3, bringing music to the forefront of NFTs and Music Collectibles. Leveraging Proprietary AI Music Engine and Generative Art, we re-create music to establish a New type of Musical NFTs that fans and collectors can truly appreciate. We enable Musicians to maximize the monetization of their existing music and to better engage with fans.

​Lost Club Toys (Germany) is a lifestyle brand devoted to electronic music culture that uses NFTs to build membership, and light coin exchange tokens (LCTs) to bring artists and fans closer together. ​MetaGameHub DAO is the home base for aggregated open metaverse experiences, and builder of a platform of complementary tools and agnostic infrastructure such as an avatar module, a metaverse builder, and AI-based NFT valuations including a metaverse LAND Heatmap. ​


​AMG DAO (Hungary) — an AI platform that allows game publishers to co-create with their communities, to provide shareable, rentable, and moderated content for their titles. By incentivizing player involvement and in-game content creation, new revenue channels are created while engagement is increased, solving the problem of providing moderation, security, and monetization tools for user-generated content.

​Cyber Syndicate (Canada) — a pioneering network, uniting builders and communities, to unlock opportunities for billions through the dynamic fusion of advertising and GameFi.

​The Hub (Germany) provides you with the picks and shovels to have a seamless Metaverse journey.

​GG3 / Golden Griffin (Poland) — will bring the next wave of Web2 gamers to Web3. GG3 is a quest-based edutainment platform where games and education are fused to create new Web3 adventures. By collaborating with top PC manufacturers & years of expertise in Web2 user acquisition, the distribution & scaling of the platform is granted. GG3 will usher in the next generation of Web3 gaming.

​Lost Lore (Czech Republic) — an AI-driven entertainment and game development company that specializes in crafting captivating stories across various formats, including games, short films, and VR experiences. With advanced AI technology, Lost Lore successfully delivers mobile and console titles that immerse and engage players worldwide.

​Smobler Studios (Singapore) specializing in metaverse architecture, strategy and IP creative . We also handle 3D and technical design, animation, video production, graphic design, and world building for The Sandbox. Smobler Studios has been involved with projects for Meta, Goethe Institut, Procter and Gamble, Macallan, and Tools of Rock NFT.

​Union Avatars (Spain) — offers the fastest and easiest tool to create realistic avatars from a single selfie. Users can upload a photo and receive their 3D avatar in real-time, ready to use in video games, virtual reality, augmented reality apps, or in the metaverse.

​Wild Meta Earth (France) — is a nature and wildlife-themed metaverse that enables user interaction with AI characters inspired by real environmental activists and authors. With an ecological farming and exploration game at its core, this Web3 platform connects players with local impact initiatives; where 50% of in-game transactions and NFT sales will directly fund environmental and conservation efforts.


​Aria Health (Cyprus) — a patient-driven health data marketplace that uses blockchain to unlock the value of healthcare metrics. Patients are empowered to take control of their health and contribute to medical advancements. It introduces new economic models that share revenue between patients and healthcare providers, all whilst incentivising data integrity and health engagement through tokenisation. Aria brings unprecedented connectivity, transparency and fairness to the healthcare system.

​Growfitter (India) — is a blockchain-powered loyalty token rewards platform with 1M+ users, revolutionizing brand promotions through a low-cost, dual-economy model. With the potential to receive free rewards from 100+ premium brand partners, Growfitter promotes personal health and wellness habits that positively contribute to the health of the planet. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform’s security and transparency are ensured.

​MetaCare (Philippines) — is a pioneering health and wellness marketplace utilising blockchain technology to offer affordable products and services for the new workforce, in the growing gig economy. The power of community is leveraged to bring corporate pricing directly to retail. These pricing benefits are unlocked by care points, earned by completing quests or purchased using $Care tokens. In the true spirit of health and wellness, MetaCare aligns incentives and healthy behaviour by shifting play-to-earn to a move-to-save model.

​PUML Better Health (Australia) — leverages the move-to-earn model to incentivise healthy habits through gamified health/fitness challenges (such as steps, meditation, hydration, journaling), while providing users with insights generated from wearables’ data integration. Its unique PUML coin-rewards system and blockchain-based gamification engine targets both individuals and corporates. Unlike traditional corporate wellness programs, PUML actively engages employees and offers predictive insights and constant feedback.


​​Another-1 (Singapore) is a one-stop shop to design, produce, crowdfund, and trade digital units of hype fashion backed by physical goods. Repurposing fashion products for metaverse interoperability; Another-1 offers access to a new asset class for a wide audience spanning fashion consumers, gamers and investors. ​

​Certified (France) — a portal where all apps are categorized and sorted by ratings and reviews from real users. Certified shares its revenue with content creators and addresses the challenges faced by current review platforms, such as trust issues and fake testimonials, by utilizing Web3-native instruments.

​Evolv (India) — a B2B SaaS platform that enables businesses to create value-focused, immersive experiences that drive consumer engagement and profitability. Through evolv, brands can effortlessly launch digital assets that enhance user-brand touchpoints (such as purchases, feedback, loyalty programs, etc.) by making them interactive and rewarding.

​Newwit (Hong Kong/Singapore) — the world’s first Predict-to-Earn project dedicated to AI-powered future prediction. Its prediction game systematically collects prediction data and concurrently rewards users, to help train and build their proprietary AI model.

​Niftyz (UK) is a Web3 Launchpad for Digital Content Creators to turn their Digital Products into unique and scarce access passes or NFTs. Creators can leverage Niftyz to attract new users or reward loyal fans and customers in a new and interactive way.

​SuperSight (UK) — is building crypto-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) to streamline the crypto data discovery process. In a sea of 420 million crypto wallets, where only an estimated 30,000 users can keep up with the blockchain narratives, SuperSight provides a one-click search platform across both on-chain and off-chain sources.

​Top Tier Authentics (USA) — a fast, blockchain-based, cost-efficient authenticator that’s the first to be approved by Amazon and Pristine Marketplace for verifying official sports memorabilia.


Date and Time
Start: September 12 2023 | 9:30 am
End: September 12 2023 | 12:30 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Pre-Registration & Approval Required
Event Type
Networking & Meet up
DeFi, Entertainment, Gaming, Investor, Web3
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