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Talent Brunch @ Singapore

Talent Brunch @ Singapore

​Need a breather after an intense week of conferences? Want to find out more about building and working in web3? Or just hang out with fellow web3 builders?

​Join us for a typical Singaporean breakfast, hosted by Talent Protocol, Talent@Web3, and Scalene.

​Enjoy kopi and tales from seasoned builders about their personal journeys into web3 and how is it like building in the bear market

Panel Discussion

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​At 10:30am join our panel of seasoned web3 builders as they share their transformative journeys into the space. From transitioning from web2 to web3, navigating challenges in bear markets, to predicting what’s next, this discussion is a goldmine for anyone keen on the web3 space. Don’t miss out on their expert advice and firsthand experiences!

​Panel Discussion with:

​☞Jess L., CMO of Hooked Protocol, formerly with Google, Uber

​☞Jackson Rodriguez, Co-founder of who raised $3m in 2022 to build B2B sales tooling for web3, now serving 800+ web3 companies

moderated by Kevin Lu of Scalene

​This is a cozy, informal gathering, so seats are limited. Attendees will be selected based on their profile but checked-in on a first come first served basis, so make sure to arrive on time.

​See you in Singapore!

​About the hosts

​Talent Protocol: a social and economic platform where builders commit to future goals, share their progress and find the support they need to succeed.

​Talent@Web3: a community onboarding the next generation of Web3 talent through education, networking and job matching. Based in Singapore.

​Scalene: your connection to top-tier Web3 companies or exceptional Web3 talent through Academy and Talent Engine, streamlining hiring and hosting industry events with a vast professional network.


Date and Time
Start: September 15 2023 | 10:00 am
End: September 15 2023 | 12:00 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Huggs Coffee, 30 Maxwell Rd, #01-03, Singapore 069114
Event Type
Networking & Meet up
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