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Seaside BBQ Extravaganza- A Fusion of Relaxation and Deep Connections for Founders, Builders, and Investors

Seaside BBQ Extravaganza: A Fusion of Relaxation and Deep Connections for Founders, Builders, and Investors

​**Seaside BBQ Extravaganza: A Taste of Singaporean Leisure**

​Join us for an unforgettable evening by the sea, as we invite you to experience a quintessential Singaporean pastime – a delightful seaside barbecue.Hosted by Blockchain Token Club.This event promises to be a perfect blend of relaxation, connection delight.

​**Event Highlights:**

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​? **Venue:** The stunning coast of Singapore – where the sea breeze meets the city lights, creating an enchanting ambiance.

​? **Barbecue Feast:** Indulge in a sumptuous array of delectable grilled delicacies.showcasing local flavors that define Singapore’s culinary scene.

​? **Unwind and Network:** Connect with like-minded professionals, founders, builders and crypto enthusiasts, all while soaking in the tranquil atmosphere of the beachside setting.

​**Seaside BBQ Event Schedule**

​- **5:00 PM**: Arrival and Beachside Activities.paddleboarding and leisure cycling.

​- **6:00 PM**: Introduction and Welcome

​- **6:30 PM**: BBQ Party and Relaxation

​- **8:00 PM**: Sunset and Beach Walk

​- **10:00 PM**: Conclusion and Farewell

​Please be aware that the schedule might be adjusted due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.We’re excited to offer you a memorable seaside BBQ experience.

​**How to Join:**

​Due to the exclusive nature of this event and the limited spots available, participation will be based on an invitation-only basis.We’ll be curating the guest list to ensure a diverse and engaging group of individuals.If you are interested in attending, but do not want to wait, please select the priority channel.


​If you’re interested in being a part of this remarkable evening, kindly RSVP by [16/9/2023] to secure your chance to attend.Please provide us with your details including your full name, company name, designation, and a brief introduction about yourself.

​As a testament to our commitment to meaningful interactions, we look forward to making this event an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Your journey in Singapore wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the relaxed charm of a seaside barbecue with a mix of professionals from various backgrounds.

​**About Blockchain Token Club:**

​Blockchain Token Club is a vibrant community and networking organization founded by local blockchain enthusiasts, builders, and founders in Singapore. Our primary objective is to bring together individuals with a shared passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies while fostering meaningful connections.

​We are on a mission to discover intriguing minds, quality insights, and action-driven commitment within the blockchain ecosystem. We believe in achieving a harmonious balance between professional pursuits and leisurely exploration. Our goal is to create lasting, profound connections while embarking on exciting journeys and shared adventures.

​As we venture forward, we invite you to accompany us at the Blockchain Token Club—a realm where exploration, camaraderie, and a touch of adventure coalesce to craft an unparalleled experience!???

​Blockchain Token Club


Date and Time
Start: September 15 2023 | 5:00 pm
End: September 15 2023 | 10:00 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
East Coast Park, E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore
Event Type
Networking & Meet up
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