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LBank Labs x C² Ventures

Join LBank Labs and C² Ventures for a night of drinks and great talks about crypto and blockchain. Discover crypto lovers and early-stage industry ventures that might be the next big thing. A lot of investors come to us for early exposure on a lot of potential projects that they might have trouble getting elsewhere. We love supporting those projects, those friends, and newcomers in our industry.

About Us:

LBank, a leading global crypto trading exchange invites top startup teams to LBank family by providing targeted capital and resources. Backed by LBank, a leading global digital asset exchange, LBank Labs strives to invest and incubate top teams with clear vision, strong technical aptitude and solid execution capabilities primarily in the crypto space. LBank Labs offers support and guidance throughout the capital life cycle from initial investment to maturity. Portfolio companies get instant access to an international network of resources, including software developers, marketing experts, crypto traders and community influencers. In addition to our venture capital arm, we have a separate hedge fund team.

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About C² Ventures:

C² Ventures is an early-stage Web3 investment firm, founded by Ciara Sun. C² Ventures enables and supports builders with the capital and operational expertise needed to build the next generation of Web3 primitives. We leverage the network of operators that we’ve built over many years to readily access promising deals and opportunities, while also enabling synergies and leverage throughout our portfolio.

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Date and Time
Start: February 16 2023 | 6:00 pm
End: February 16 2023 | 8:00 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
OGBC Incubator Plus Building 20 Cecil Street Level 4 Singapore, 049705
Event Type
Networking & Meet up
Blockchain, DeFi, Web3
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