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Japan meets Singapore(Teamz×TWIC)

Japan meets Singapore side event

TeamZ and Tokyo Web3 Infinty Club (TWIC) co-organized a large Side evnt at Singapore 2049.

​Japan meets Singapore web3 , the event will be in the form of a presentation + reception.

​There will be many Chinese projects, Japanese projects, exchanges, organizations and famous KOLs from all over the world present.

​TWIC|Tokyo Web3 Infinity Club ( is a Web3 whiskey bar and a collaborative space for Chinese and Japanese businesses based in Roppongi, Tokyo.

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​​TWIC’s mission is to seamlessly integrate online and offline Web3 experiences.

​​Being a member of TWIC, which hosts a diverse range of companies, opens doors to various opportunities in the Japanese market. Membership benefits include user base expansion, access to financing, project partnerships, business marketing, business promotion, event organization, and translation services.



​TEAMZ, Inc. is a digital creative group that provides business strategy and solutions to Web3-related companies seeking new possibilities. Our team consists of members with international and diverse experiences, who, together with the latest cutting-edge technology and tools from around the world, provide high-quality support to our clients. We lead the Web3 industry in Japan by offering one-stop services from scratch, including NFT, DAO, GameFi, Wallet, and Metaverse services, from start to finish.



​DigiFinex, founded in 2017, stands as a premier global digital asset trading platform. Recognized as a Top 30 Crypto Exchange on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, we have earned the trust of over 6 million users worldwide, providing access to more than 700 trading pairs. Our diverse product suite encompasses spot trading, margin trading, derivatives, asset management, mining services, and our unique crypto card.

​Central to our ethos is the commitment to a secure and user-friendly environment. We ensure that trading crypto is not only safe but also intuitive for every user. Reflecting our dedication to your financial empowerment, we uphold our slogan: ‘Beyond Your Wealth Companion’, affirming our role as a reliable partner in your wealth-building journey.



​CloneGirls ( ) is an idol unit utilizing CloneX avatars.It formed for the purpose of enlivening the web3 community as a music unit.The current members are youtuber Sanamaru and ARISA and MOE from ballet idol unit “POiNT”. CloneGirls performed their first live concert in the spring of 2023. They have also appeared in large-scale events such as JapanBlockchainWeek and IVS, attracting attention in various places.The activities of CloneGirls have attracted attention all over the world, and are introduced on the RTFKT Creators site as an example of utilizing web3IP.


​​TinyTrader is fintech Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company specialising in development and providing software solutions. Our primary focus is to develop and deliver innovative, secure, scalable and robust trading infrastructure, ecosystem applications and services to businesses and organisations.

​​ We firmly believe in empowering businesses to operate anywhere, anytime, while upholding our values of transparency, ownership, innovation and strategic partnership.

​​ Our current product offer allows our client to develop a trading infrastructure that facilitates trading spot instruments, derivatives (futures and options), provided different sources of liquidity in a short period of time up to a month, and enable custom development of a number of integrations with technology partners in the industry.

​Smell Market

​We issue Smell Tokens and operate the innovative Smell Market aimed at revolutionizing the fragrance industry.



​Slash Payment is a non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway that utilizes decentralized liquidity and takes advantage of the rapidly expanding web3 wallets to safely execute cross-border transactions with cryptocurrencies.



​Jasmy is a Japan-based IoT project founded by former high-level executives from Sony. It became the first Japanese project to be listed on platforms like Coinbase and Binance. The project has previously developed products such as personal data lockers and blockchain PCs. We have now announced our plans to develop Jasmy Chain once again.

​Zaif INO

​Zaif INO is an NFT sales system that specializes in primary sales of various blockchain games and GameFi project needs.

​with six multi-chains that can cover NFTs can be sold on six multi-chains that can cover various blockchain game and GameFi project needs.

​It can be used for project startup and It can be utilized when it is time to scale up and users can obtain unique and valuable NFTs. unique and valuable NFTs.

​Many NFT marketplaces also allow While many NFT marketplaces allow anyone to freely submit their work, Zaif INO Zaif INO has introduced a vetting process to ensure the quality of the NFTs.

​Zaif INO ensures the quality of the NFTs.



​Kiana Shek

​DigiFinex Chief Strategy Advisor

​Kiana Shek, an esteemed INSEAD Global EMBA alumna, currently fulfills the role of Brand Ambassador for DigiFinex. Prior to her instrumental contributions at DigiFinex, she held high-ranking positions at Baidu and HKBN, demonstrating her extensive experience in the marketing sector. Kiana is widely acknowledged not only for her expertise in fintech but also for her innovative insights. Her passion for propelling blockchain technology forward is a testament to her visionary leadership in the industry.


​Viktor Filimonov, Product manager

​Viktor is a Product Manager with 4+ years in fintech, IT exchange infrastructure, and CryptoFi, led the launch of european premium options at TinyTrader and major front/back-end features.

​Smell Market

​DK Sugiyama is a visionary business leader with over two decades of experience in marketing, management, and business development. He has an excellent command of both Japanese and English, which makes him a talented communicator in Japan and abroad. With an MBA from Keio Business School and a Bachelor’s degree from Keio University, DK continues to excel as a driving force behind business success and expansion.

​As Global Sales Manager at HORIZON, DK will expand the Smell Market Platform which allows users to download digital smell data(NFT) to output from diffusers. This technology allows diffusers to synthesize more than 1,500 different smells. *Smell Tokens(SML) can be used as payment currency for the Smell Market.

​DK strongly believes that he can set the world standard for Digitizing Smell with state-of-the-art technologies and collaborations with KOLs globally.


​Tokio Nakamoto | Chief Operating Officer

​Tokio obtained a Master of Science (MS) degree from Johns Hopkins University. After graduation, he worked at Meta (Facebook) in Singapore and SBI Holdings, engaging in business development, marketing, and partnership-related roles. In 2022, he joined the business development department of Slash Fintech and currently serves as the COO, overseeing all aspects of company management with a focus on enhancing business value.


​JasmyLab CEO and Jasmy CFO

​Harada Hiroshi

​A certified public accountant in Japan, Hiroshi Harada joined Jasmy after working at KPMG AZSA & Co. He excels in areas like IPO, and at Jasmy, he has been leading JasmyCoin as the CFO. In June 2023, he established JasmyLab to focus on supporting and launching projects, initiating specialized business efforts.

​19:30 – Entry

​20:00 – Start





​20:30-20:40Smell Market



​21:00-21:20Clone Girls

​21:20 – 22:00 Social

​22:00 – Exit


Date and Time
Start: September 12 2023 | 7:30 pm
End: September 12 2023 | 10:00 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 3, Jasmine Junior Ballroom
Event Type
Networking & Meet up
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