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International Innovative Finance Expo

International Innovative Finance Expo

Innovative Finance Expo, the largest international innovative financial expo, covers defi crypto, foreign exchange, payment, and financial technology. We have been established since 2014 and have a history of 8 years. We have been working hard to create a platform for knowledge sharing and resource docking in the field of innovative finance. You are welcome to join us.

With the continuous emergence of new financial products and services, such as DeFi, cryptocurrencies, forex, payment, and fintech, the existing financial market environment is disrupted. We are committed to building a knowledge-sharing and resource-docking platform in the field of innovative finance.

Definition of IFINEXPO
Cryptocurrency industry chain, foreign exchange industry chain, payment technology and other financial technologies, innovative ideas, innovative products, innovative services.

The Target
Create the largest platform for Innovative financial industry knowledge sharing and resource docking, provide information resources and solutions for the development of Innovative financial industry enterprises, and help enterprises create a professional and high-end brand image.

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Goal & Mission
Establish a high-end and professional image; Build a knowledge-sharing and resource docking platform; Provide information resources and solutions for enterprises to survive and develop.

Who will come to the event?
1. Crypto Enterprise
2. NFT
3. Forex and Online Trading
4. Payment
5. Fintech

What will you get from here?
1. More valuable sharing – Professionals interpret the crypto industry deeply, meanwhile we provide a platform for you and your peers to communicate.

2. More effective attendance – We gain our clients through marketing promotions and have them all registered to ensure more efficient attendance.

3. Convenient expo experience – At luxury hotels, we provide a pleasing communication environment, offer free booth set-up services, reduce costs, and carry out your business in one step.


Date and Time
Start: September 19 2024 | 9:00 am
End: September 20 2024 | 6:00 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Kuala Lumpur
Event Type
Conferences & Seminars
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Finance, Fintech, Gaming, Metaverse, NFTs
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