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DeSoc Unleashed x Web3 Social House
DeSoc Unleashed x Web3 Social House

​DeSoc Unleashed is a Web3 social-focused summit organised by Tako Protocol. This annual event serves as a platform for decision-makers and key players deeply invested in the decentralized social space to come together, fostering meaningful connections, exchanging ideas, and sharing the latest innovations in the field.

Attendees can look forward to impactful sharing from industry leaders and engaging panel discussions. Renowned organizations like Mask Network, DeSo, Polygon, CyberConnect, ApeX Protocol, Arweave, RSS3, DWF Ventures, Superscrypt, HashKey Group and many others will be represented by influential speakers, sharing their insights and expertise on the diverse topics surrounding the Web3 social space.

​This summit is proudly organized by Tako Protocol, an open social recommendation layer with cohosting support from Mask Network, a decentralised social ecosystem bridging Web2 users to Web3, ApeX Protocol, a permissionless, non-custodial and non-KYC derivatives decentralized exchange, and Moledao, a developer platform for all blockchain enthusiasts to learn, grow and contribute to build more innovative ideas.

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Date and Time
Start: September 11 2023 | 1:00 pm
End: September 11 2023 | 5:00 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
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Event Type
Conferences & Seminars
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Web3
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