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2024 Before 2049

​Will 2024 drive mass crypto adoption? Halving, security and real world adoption
​Join us on the eve of Token2049 to delve into crypto’s short-term outlook for the coming year. Although 2024 might seem distant from 2049, it’s significant: marking the year of the Bitcoin Halving and US elections. Given the latest trends in security and UX improvements, could these factors drive mass crypto adoption?

​Enjoy our Happy Hour specials, featuring a selection of delicious cocktails, local beers, and wines. To accompany your drink, an array of finger foods will be available.

​?One of the most fascinating venues, just a short walk from Marina Bay Sands.

​? Gathering: Mingle & Sip.

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​? Will 2024 drive mass crypto adoption? Halving, security and real world adoption: Panel moderated by Francesco Anderoli (DevRel at Consensys/Metamask) featuring:

​? Cocktail Time & Networking.

​2024 Before 2049 event is co-hosted by:

​- MarketAcross: The world’s leading PR and marketing media group for blockchain solutions and companies, providing complete end to end solutions for content marketing, PR, content distribution and organic reach.

​-Blockfence: backed by ConsenSys, is a Web3 Security Aggregation and Orchestration Layer that protects consumers, wallets, dAPPs and VASPs’ users against fraud and scams.

​- Salus: Making top-tier security services (audit, pentest, etc) accessible for all BUIDLers. Backed by Binance Labs and Geekcartel, based in Singapore.

​- Geek Cartel: VC formed by a group of geeks that come from all corners of the crypto world and armed up to invest in promising early-stage Web3 startups. BUIDL by Geeks, for the Geeks.

​- SphereX : On-chain runtime security platform for smart contracts. The company has launched the first decentralized exploit-prevention solution, providing an effective defense against hacks while maintaining the continuity of the protected smart contract.


​Spots are limited to 150 attendees in the room, so apply for your spot quickly to secure your participation.

​If the venue is at capacity, registration does not guarantee entry. Venue managers will be operating on a “1 in 1 out” policy, with pre-registered attendees getting priority.


Date and Time
Start: September 12 2023 | 5:30 pm
End: September 12 2023 | 9:30 pm
Time Zone
(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
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Event Type
Networking & Meet up
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