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Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference: Connecting Global Minds to Web3 Hub – Dubai

Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference Dubai

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinstore,will host “2024 Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference” in Hilton Palm Jumeirah , Dubai at 9 am, April 17.

The conference will be co-hosted by ICP, Infinity Ventures and BTC Security Labs. Meanwhile, famous institutions including, Sei Foundation, Conflux, ALGORAND, DAO Maker, Metis, Oobit, Taisu Venture, BEVM, Cardano Foundation, Telos, W3GG, XDC Network, ABCDE Capital, Ampverse, Circle, Kaisar, DFG, Jsquare and Sandbox will also partner with Coinstore to discuss the development and opportunities of crypto industry.

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Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference Speakers


Coinstore’s Big Announcement

During the upcoming brand conference, Coinstore will unveil its latest offering: the IEO 2.0 product. This new product is designed to support innovative and promising blockchain projects, aiming to foster their development and ultimately maximize user profits through token listings.

Over the past three years, Coinstore has diligently pursued its Launchpad program, dedicated to featuring secure and highly vetted projects for its users. The results have been remarkable, with an average oversubscription rate of 3622.87% across Launchpad projects. Notably, the top-performing project, SOIT, achieved a remarkable 27.75x ATH (All-Time High) investment return, while projects CNT and INVT reached 26.05x and 22.52x ATH investment returns, respectively.

This success has significantly contributed to Coinstore’s growth even in challenging market conditions. With the launch of IEO 2.0 products, Coinstore anticipates continuing this trend of historical achievements, identifying and showcasing even more valuable projects.

Furthermore, Coinstore will introduce its brand ambassador recruitment program during the conference, aiming to enhance brand visibility with renowned crypto industry Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Collaborating with KOLs has always been a pivotal strategy for Coinstore’s growth. Previously, the platform has partnered with over 400 KOLs for initiatives such as Coinstore X Space and CS Live streams, dedicated to promoting Coinstore as the premier choice for initial launches.


The Heart of the Brand Conference

Dubai will be the epicenter for over 500 crypto entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) gathering for Coinstore’s Premiere Brand Conference. This event promises to ignite discussions among the foremost minds in the crypto sphere, offering unique industry insights and delving into the latest trends. Topics such as the BTC ecosystem, L2 development, and the opportunities and challenges facing public chains will take center stage in the industry-renowned forum.

Moreover, Coinstore will host three distinct forums during the conference, focusing on the opportunities and obstacles within GameFi, public chains, and capital investment decisions. Join us as we explore the future trajectory of the crypto landscape at the Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference!

To mark this momentous occasion, over 100 top global media outlets will broadcast the event simultaneously. Additionally, Coinstore will livestream the conference on its own platforms, including CS Live and YouTube, ensuring global audiences have access to the latest updates. Coinstore will further engage with its community through multiple posts across its official social media channels and Telegram groups. Come, be part of the vibrant Coinstore community!


A Three-Year Journey with Coinstore

Since its inception in 2020, Coinstore has been at the forefront of crypto innovation, serving over 700 project teams and facilitating trading across more than 750 pairs. With a user base exceeding 7 million registrations and over 150,000 daily active users at its peak, Coinstore has established a formidable presence across 175 countries and regions. Through continuous evolution and expansion, Coinstore has solidified its footing in emerging markets, with Indonesia, India, and Nigeria being pivotal hubs.

Throughout its journey, Coinstore has prioritized talent development and regulatory compliance. Recognizing the significance of skilled workforce cultivation, Coinstore has established 13 international operation centers, boasting a team of over 200 international employees.

Upholding a steadfast commitment to compliance and regulation, Coinstore has obtained MSB licenses in the US and Digital Asset Prop Trading licenses in Dubai. Moreover, the company has fostered collaborations with local regulatory bodies in key markets, aiding in the formulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency regulatory frameworks.

In an industry characterized by rapid evolution, Coinstore advocates for a “long-termism” business philosophy. By prioritizing user-centric approaches and fostering product innovation, Coinstore has expanded its offerings to form a comprehensive trading ecosystem. From spot trading to futures trading, Launchpad, OTC, earning opportunities, wallets, and Web3 products, Coinstore empowers users to seamlessly integrate into the future financial landscape.

Beyond its commercial endeavors, Coinstore aspires to make a meaningful impact on both the industry and society. Firmly believing in the transformative potential of blockchain technology, Coinstore strives to provide accessible tools for society, empowering individuals to harness the capabilities of Web3. To this end, Coinstore has actively curated events such as Cryptalk and CS Connect, alongside hosting 22 Expo conferences, fostering dialogue and collaboration within and beyond the crypto community.


In the dynamic realm of crypto exchanges, Coinstore recognizes the imperative of diversifying its offerings. As competition intensifies, Coinstore remains committed to launching high-quality products to maximize benefits for users and project teams alike. With 2024 shaping up to be an exciting year, Coinstore invites stakeholders to anticipate industry developments and embark on an extraordinary journey together towards unprecedented achievements.

About Coinstore

Accessibility. Security. Equity.

As a leading global platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Coinstore seeks to build an ecosystem that grants everyone access to digital assets and blockchain technology. With over 7 million users worldwide, Coinstore aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform and digital service provider worldwide.