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Puma, the multinational footwear conglomerate, has launched its 3D Web3 experience.

Puma Blackstation
Photo Credit – Puma Official Site –

Everyone will be able to participate in the experience, but those who purchase a Puma Pass will have exclusive privileges.

Puma, a German footwear corporation, debuted its first 3D metaverse experience, titled “Black Station,” on June 13 of this year.  Black Station is PUMA’s experimental 3D spatial playground. A unique digital environment that enables you to experience our products from an entirely fresh perspective.

The company claims that anybody can participate in the event, but only those who have received the RB tokens that were airdropped to Puma Pass holders will be able to buy a digital pair of “Rulebreaker” sneakers and claim two digital wearables as rewards.

Holders of the RB token have the ability to burn it on Black Station between June 13 and June 20, which will provide their parent wallet access to a variety of product drops throughout the metaverse. The road map for Black Station indicates that there will be a few more general events and NFT drops this year, with events for 2024 still being developed.

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The experience is open until June 23. Puma has previously said that it was investigating alternate chains, but ultimately settled on continuing to operate on the Ethereum network. In addition to linking one’s wallet and paying for digital treasures using ether classic (ETH), it is also feasible to make purchases with a credit card.